Anthony Kenny on Medieval Philosophy

I’ve been reading Sir Anthony Kenny’s little biography on Thomas Aquinas to great profit. Kenny filled a lot of rolls at Oxford University, being a fellow at Balliol College and St. John’s College. He was also Chancellor of the university itself until his retirement in 2001. A specialist in medieval philosophy, Kenny’s work has spanned the whole of western philosophy, especially in his two general introductions to the subject.

On a whim, I thought I’d Google him to see if anything was online. It turns out there is a whole series on medieval philosophy at YouTube where Kenny goes through the entirety of the period, explaining philosophical trends and people. If you’re interested in this type of thing, check it out. After you watch the first video (below), options will appear that will allow you to continue on in the series.

Also available from the same person who posted these interviews are those with Father Coplestone, John Searle, Jacques Derrida and others. This is fantastic stuff!



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2 responses to “Anthony Kenny on Medieval Philosophy

  1. Nathan Tyler

    I’ve always liked Anthony Kenny, one of the great ‘Wittgensteinian Thomists’ (along with Peter Geach and Elizabeth Anscombe, whom I am told banned Kenny from their home when he left the Roman Catholic Church — as a priest, no less — and became an agnostic; he was ‘Uncle Tony’ and they didn’t want him influencing their children after his apostacy). His short OUP ‘bio’ of Aquinas is something special, as are his recent books on the history of philosophy. (He also authored what is probably the best overview of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy to date, in the old Pelican [Penguin] paperback series.)

    Kenny remains one of the greatest advocates and defenders of the study of medieval philosophy in the Analytic tradition.

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