Christianity Today on Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson’s blog, Blog and Mablog, is one that I turn to daily. Anyone who reads my blog can tell that I have an interest in and admiration for the man. I’ve read a number of his books and listened to a number of his sermon series and lectures. In spite of some of the disagreements that I have with him theologically, I often find that he has something thought provoking to say.

Christianity Today has recently published an article on Wilson which is a worthwhile read called “The Controversialist.” This is a good title considering Wilson’s recent debates with atheist Christopher Hitchens as well as his controversies over the Federal Vision in Presbyterian circles and the issues he finds himself involved in in his hometown of Moscow, Idaho.

On his blog, Wilson notes a few areas of clarification that need to be made after reading the article. You can read those here.


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One response to “Christianity Today on Doug Wilson

  1. Yea, that is a good book but you should read “To 1,000 Generations” it is even better!

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