A. N. Wilson Reconverts

A. N. Wilson, a very well known atheist, has announced that he is returning to the Christian faith of his childhood. A major antagonist to Christianity, news of his “reconversion” is surprising indeed. The New Statesman has a piece by Wilson outlining the reasons for his change called “Why I Believe Again” which is a really cool read. The New Statesman also has a Q & A with him where he goes into more detail.

Wilson has written a number of books on Christianity that have been controversial, in particular his works on Jesus and Paul. N. T. Wright has taken Wilson to task in a number of works.

First it was Anthony Flew who abandoned atheism and now Wilson. Pretty cool to see these prominent thinkers realise that their atheism can’t account for the real world that they live in.

[HT: Between Two Worlds]


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