Moral Outrage

Years ago I used to be in a hardcore band called Moral Outrage – I played bass and “sang.” If you like old school Agnostic Front, The Exploited or GBH, then you would probably like our music. The drummer, Tim, just put up a post on his blog about the band and linked to some liner notes from our tape “Stand and Fight” and a .zip file of our songs. For all the years that have gone by, I still like the songs – though I would probably not do the anti-gay song because of its overall offensive tone – every other one I stand by.

I know there’s video of us playing in London somewhere, I’d kill to see it again.



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2 responses to “Moral Outrage

  1. Matt

    My friend’s mom gave me this tape and I used to listen to it all the time. I lost it and have been looking for it for years. I was so excited when i found this blog and saw the link to the zip file, but it seems to not work properly anymore.

    Is there anywhere I can get this album?

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