Danzig and Gnosticism

This is weird.

One of my favourite bands in highschool was The Misfits fronted by the legendary Glenn Danzig. They were a horror-rock band who sang a lot about classic horror movies, b-rated movies and fifties pop culture. The second concert that I ever went to was a Misfits reunion – although I do not know how it could’ve been a reunion because Danzig wasn’t there!

I just found this interview with Danzig where he discusses his library. This is post-Misfits days as you can tell by his long hair; it’s probably from his solo career era.

What’s funny about this video is that after he discusses some books about werewolves he picks up Lost Books of the Bible by Solomon J. Schepps and William Hone (I have this book) and proceeds to read some passages from gnostic literature. He reads a couple of stories, one of which comes from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas where he quotes a story about Jesus turning some clay into birds and then striking down dead a kid who claimed that Jesus broke the Sabbath. Incidentally, this bit about Jesus killing the kid isn’t in any text I’ve read. Aside from the real cheesiness of the video, especially in Danzig’s case – I don’t think he takes himself seriously – it’s funny to think that maybe he was years ahead of the time. Did Glenn Danzig anticipate Da Vinci Code?



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2 responses to “Danzig and Gnosticism

  1. junior

    I used to own that video : )

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