Islam on Women

I just stumbled across this article on Top Ten Rules In The Quran That Oppress and Insult Women by James Arlandson. I’ll give you the top ten, but click the link to the article and read the details including support from the Quran. I list them, as in the article, in ascending order. It’s quite sad.

10. A husband has sex with his wife, as a plow goes into a dirt field.

9. Husbands are a degree above their wives.

8. A male gets a double share of the inheritance over that of a female.

7. A woman’s testimony counts half of a man’s testimony.

6. A wife may remarry her ex-husband if and only if she marries another man, they have sex, and then this second man divorces her.

5. Slave-girls are sexual property for their male owners.

4. A man may be polygamous with up to four wives.

3. A Muslim polygamist may simply get rid of one of his undesirable wives.

2. Husbands may hit their wives even if the husbands merely fear highhandedness in their wives (quite apart from whether they actually are highhanded—as if domestic violence in any form is acceptable).

1. Mature men are allowed to marry prepubescent girls.



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2 responses to “Islam on Women

  1. I’m always a little bit skeptical about Qur’anic exegesis by authors who are ‘anti-Muslim apologists’ — the Christian sometimes learns to feel this way because of the really bad Biblical exegesis of ‘anti-Christian apologists’ — but I will give the article a fair sheik. Thanks for posting this.

    BTW, the upstairs area of your store is now minus a few classics: Charles Hodge’s commentary on Romans, Charles Bridges’ commentary on Proverbs, and Loraine Boettner’s “A Narrative Harmony of the Gospels.” I love Crux. (Although I had to perform a stunt in order grab the Bridges volume, with the two giant, immovable blackboard structures blocking the section.)

  2. Upstairs is dangerous, no doubt!
    I know what you mean about such exegesis. To tell the truth, I met a woman at a church I preached at a few weeks ago whose daughter is courting Islam. So I’m putting up some links because I gave the mother my web address.
    If you have any good links, I’d love to post them.

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