Death is Not Dying

Bryn MacPhail has a very moving post about his friend Rachel Barkey who is dying of cancer. She recently spoke to 600 women at a conference at River Rock Show Theatre in Vancouver. Her talk was called “Death is Not Dying: A Faith That Saves.” You can listen to the audio at the bottom of Bryn’s post.

This quote was profoundly powerful:

[Bryn] “In a message saturated with grace and wisdom, one of my favourite sections was Rachel’s response to those who have been asking ‘Why?’ ‘Why would God allow a young mother of two young kids to get cancer?’

In Rachel’s words:

I don’t ask why because I know the answer: We live in a sinful world. Bad things happen. But it was not supposed to be this way. And it will not always be this way. God has a plan. He has made a way for sinful people to be with Him in a perfect world. The way is Jesus.

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