Simeon Trust – Preaching Workshop

David Helm - Simeon Trust

David Helm - Simeon Trust

So much of today’s preaching is topical and pays no mind to things like authorial intent, the grammatical structure of a text, the flow of argument, the theme of a pericope, etc. Even preachers who consider themselves “expository” really aren’t. Confusion sets in when people think that exposition means commenting on the text verse by verse importing systematic theology. That’s why a workshop like that put on by Simeon Trust is so important. They teach pastors and preachers what true biblical exposition is.

I had the joy of attending Simeon Trust’s latest workshop here in Toronto last week at Richview Baptist. I know that I often speak in exaggeration, but I can honestly say that this was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. Practical, soul searching, biblical, affective, encouraging. I was very blessed to have been there and I learned a lot.

The conference theme this year was “preaching Luke.” The speakers were David Helm from Chicago and David Short from Vancouver. Both men are solidly Reformed, rooted in the biblical theology school of Graeme Goldsworthy, Peter Jensen, D. A. Carson and Paul Barnett. Connected with Proclamation Trust in Britain, these guys rub shoulders with the likes of R. Kent Hughes, Dick Lucas and J.I. Packer (Short is Packer’s pastor!).

The workshop was organised according to lectures, lessons and work-groups. It was very well done and ran like an oiled machine. We learned about structuring the text, preaching the meaning and not our systematic theologies, asking questions of the text, and much more. Many of the pastors there did not know how to preach expositionally – in fact many had not even heard of it. As time went on, it was exciting to see the “aha” principle take effect. The guys were getting it and getting into it!

I highly, highly recommend that if a Simeon Trust workshop comes within a five hour radius of you that you attend one. You will not be disappointed! Your preaching will improve and your congregation will love you for it. Even if you’ve been at the game for thirty years, you will still benefit from a gathering such as this!

The lectures from the Toronto workshop are available. Contact me for more info on getting them.



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4 responses to “Simeon Trust – Preaching Workshop

  1. I attended 2 years ago, and was hoping to attend again this year. However, I could not because various other responsibilities took precedence. Hopefully next year I will be able to come to the Toronto conference again.

  2. For the lectures go to the website:

    For other workshops at different locations go to the same website.

    For tons of free lectures, sermons in audio and written form, etc. over the years go to:

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  4. Nelson Kee

    Hi Hi bro.Ian
    I am from Sarawak(Malaysia)in the land of Borneo and teach in the local Evangelical Bible School. I went to the website of Simeon Trust and very keen to attend the homiletic course that they offer. But I don’t think I could afford the course fees. I happen to downloaded a couple of free notes on this. Hard to benefit from the limited notes. Would be a great blessing to me if I could have some of your lecture notes(pdf/scan copies). Any possibility of this? Thanks. Blessings, Nelson Kee

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