American Theological Inquiry

Ever search your name on Google just for the fun of it? Sometimes it can be scary. I just did and found out that I have a book review published in American Theological Inquiry. Who knew? Anyways, I’m glad that it’s there as the journal looks outstanding. What’s even better, it’s free! Published by Wipf and Stock, ATI looks to be a journal with promise. The latest issue (2.1) has these articles (Scroll down the PDF for my review of Is Christianity Good for the World?):

  • ‘The Theology of Gerald O’Collins and Postmodernism’, by Craig Baron
  • ‘Late have I left thee: a reflection on Augustine the Manichee and the logic of belief adoption’, by Charles Natoli
  • ‘Jesus On The Big Screen’, by Stephen Nichols
  • ‘Lutheran Puritanism? Adiaphora in Lutheran Orthodoxy and Possible Commonalities in Reformed Orthodoxy’, by Daniel Hyde
  • ‘A Rose By Any Other Name: Attempts At Classifying North American Protestant Worship’, Lester Ruth
  • ‘Twin Parables Of Stewardship In Luke’, by J. Lyle Story
  • ‘Death, Killing And Personal Identity’, by Todd Bindig


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3 responses to “American Theological Inquiry

  1. Congrats on the publication, Ian. That does look like a nice new journal.

  2. Nothing weird at all. Right now I’m Diet Coking my thirst. ;)

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