Pat Paas, Crux in National Post

Yesterday I received a phone call at Crux from Charles Lewis who writes a column called “Urban Scrawl” for the National Post. Apparently Charles comes into the store from time to time and observed the unique atmosphere. He was saddened by the news that Pat had died and decided that he wanted to do a piece on Pat and Crux for his column. I had Charles contact Pat’s son Aaron to interview him. I just heard that the National Post is running the column on Friday – although if there’s space issues it’ll run later.

So go yet a copy of the Post on Friday!!!



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4 responses to “Pat Paas, Crux in National Post

  1. good grief

    The date on this is march 13 2009, are you posting from the future?

  2. good grief

    I was merely being a critical jerk, I wasn’t offering constructive solutions…:P

    Unfortunately I am no blogger adept like yourself. I have nothing.

  3. I just tried for about twenty minutes to fix the time. Almost got it, but not quite.

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