Essay: English Reformation

Here is an essay that I wrote for my first master of theology reading seminar with Dr. Michael Haykin. This seminar was on the English Reformation. The essay itself is a survey and (slight) evaluation of three contemporary historians of the English Reformation, namely A. G. Dickens, Eamon Duffy and Diarmaid MacCulloch. I did well on the paper, praise the Lord!

I’ve also linked this in the “Graphe” page (to the right) where I’m going to catalogue anything of substance that I write.



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2 responses to “Essay: English Reformation

  1. thomasgoodwin

    One of the elders in my church, John Craig, is coming out with a new treatment of the Reformation. He takes on Duffy. Craig wrote an article in the Cambridge Companion to Puritanism, which you should buy asap!

    • The one by Coffey? I bought that a little while ago. Vicky and I are going to Mexico for a week’s vacation – it’s one of the books I’m taking along and hope to have read by the time I get back.
      Who’s publishing Craig’s book? I’m interested to read it.

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