Newborn Thrown in Dumpster Alive

Denny Burk links to a horrible story from the Daily Mail about a young girl who recently went into a Florida abortion clinic to have an abortion. The doctor who was to perform her abortion showed up late and the young girl gave birth to her daughter. At this point you would think that the story has a happy ending, because even those on the pro-abortion side don’t advocate murdering a living, fully born, umbilical-cord-cut baby. No, this is not the case.
The staff at the clinic took the living baby and threw her in a biohazard bag and tossed her in the dumpster.
I could leave it here at its worst, but if you read the story, there is a glimmer of hope. The young girl who had the abortion is now suing the clinic. Why? Because when she saw her daughter being carried away, she realised that she had a living child who deserved life. The young girl changed her mind after seeing her daughter face to face.
May this horrifying story change the minds and hearts of a nation so depraved that we let your babies die in dumpsters.
Read Denny Burk’s thoughts on it here. Especially this quote:
Finally, a word to those of you who either support abortion
rights or who are indifferent to this whole issue. If you are shocked and
appalled at how this little girl was killed, then why not be shocked and
appalled at the fact that if the doctor had arrived on time the same outrage
would have occurred? The only difference would have been that the killing would
have taken place in a different location.


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2 responses to “Newborn Thrown in Dumpster Alive

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! What can one say.

    Civial War is the only option. When are Christians going to ‘Man-Up’ and stop sitting on the side-lines?

  2. Ian Clary

    If “manning up” means anonymous posting then I’d rather not.
    I guess I’m not sure what a “civial” war is?

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