Noah and the Curse on Ham

This Thursday I am continuing my bible study for New City Baptist on the question of homosexuality and the bible. Last week I went through the creation narrative and related it to the question of gender differentiation, compatibility and companionship. How one answers these questions informs how they read the rest of the bible on homosexuality.
The passage we will be studying this Thursday is Genesis 9:20-27 and the question of whether Ham raped Noah. This is a highly debated passage, so lately I’ve been sifting through a number of resources to try and wrap my mind around the issue. I thought I might share some of these resources for future reference:
Robert Gagnon, The Bible and Homosexual Practice (Nashville: Abingdon, 1994).
James B. De Young, Homosexuality (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2000).
Gunther Wittenberg, “…Let Canaan be his Slave’: (Gen. 9:26) Is Ham also cursed?” Journal of Theology for Southern Africa 74 (March 1991): 46-56.
O. Palmer Robertson, “Current Critical Questions Concerning the ‘Curse of Ham’ (Gen 9:20-27)” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 41.2 (June 1998): 177-188.
Allen P. Ross, “The Curse of Canaan” Bibliotheca Sacra (July-September 1980): 223-240.
Robert I. Vasholz, “Genesis 9:19-25” Presbyterion: Covenant Seminary Review 26.1 (Spring 2000): 32-33.
Frederick W. Bassett, “Noah’s Nakedness and the Curse of Canaan: A Case of Incest?” Vetus Testamentum 21.2 (April 1971): 232-237.
John Sietze Bergsma and Scott Walker Hahn, “Noah’s Nakedness and the Curse on Canaan” Journal of Biblical Literature 124.1 (2005): 25-40.

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