News: New City Baptist

Well, now that life has cooled a little, I thought that it would be good to post about New City Baptist Church’s first service. A lot of people have been asking about it, so blogging is the best way to get it all out (hopefully) to everyone’s satisfaction!

We met this past Sunday evening in the building that we were given the use of in Atrium On Bay (595 Dundas, Suite 302). In total, we had roughly sixty in attendance, most of which consisted of people from our mother church, Grace Fellowship of Toronto. As well we had people show up from other churches, notably Thistletown Baptist. John and I were deeply encouraged by the show of support. In the morning we attended Grace Fellowship and the buzz about New City was electric. People were genuinely excited about the service and couldn’t seem to wait to go.

Worship officially was to start at 5pm, but a lot of people showed up early to help out, so there was good time for fellowship before service which pushed the time back about fifteen minutes. We had rented a portable coffee container from Starbucks (not Timmies!!) and some food and pop. So people hung out while things were getting set up.

Josh and Dave from GFC’s worship band led the music on guitar for us, which was awesome. I led the service and John preached a bang-up sermon from Matthew 16 on Christ building his church and the gates of death not prevailing against it. I must say, it was a very textual, biblical, Christ-centred, gospel-centred, practical and encouraging. It was John’s best sermon I’ve heard so far (audio will hopefully be up soon).

After the service, everyone hung out for quite some time having more coffee. There is a common room in the office space that we rent with cool chairs and tables and a coffee bar. It’s very conducive to fellowship.

All in all, I was very happy with how the service went and praise the Lord for his evident hand throughout it all.

As well, we have our website up (don’t mind the Christmas tree!) – many thanks to our buddy Tim Challies for it, it’s awesome.
UPDATE: Julian just sent me a link in the comments that I thought I’d note here. John’s sermon is up on Sermon Audio: “I Will Build My Church.”

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  1. Julian Freeman

    Thanks for the post. Let me offer an ‘Amen!’ to everything you just said.

    I just thought I’d update you. The message is online.

    Here is the link.

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