Antony Flew and Atheism

Antony Flew was a very influential atheist philosopher who dominated the scene in the twentieth century. In 2004 he publically announced that he was no longer an atheist. His story is recounted in his very well written book There Is A God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changes His Mind that I just finished reading last week – I highly recommend it. The appendices, especially the one by Tom Wright on Jesus and the resurrection are excellent.
The New York Times has an article on Flew that they ran in 2007. It’s worth checking out. I really hope that he moves from being merely a deist (a belief in an impersonal Creator) to converting fully to Christ. It looks like he is on the way!


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2 responses to “Antony Flew and Atheism

  1. Mark Nenadov

    Looks fascinating. He’s definitely got an interesting story to tell.

    That photo is awesome by the way!

    Here’s a question for you.. Is Anthony Flew really close to being “the world’s most notorious atheist”, or is that just publishing hyperbole? I know he’s certainly famous, but I sort of wonder whether that title might be exaggerating a bit. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. Samuel Skinner

    Anthony Flew is a philospher so noone knew of him outside of that field… like most scientists actually. They don’t often popularize their work because science has a suspicion of taking things to the masses. Peer review or they get suspicious of your motives.

    I think Carl Sagan was more well known, but he was not an anti-theist like most people who are considered atheists, so he doesn’t count for counting purposes.

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