Campus for Christ – Ryerson

Campus for Christ in Toronto is planning a series of three debates between William Lane Craig and three atheists (including Quentin Smith) at three different universities: York, Ryerson and U of T. As a lead up to the debates C4C are hosting a series of lectures dealing with apologetic issues like the existence of God, how to defend the faith and the nature of worldviews.
My co-church planter John Bell and I are both speaking at the Ryerson Campus for Christ. This Wednesday (Jan. 14 at 5pm in the Oakham Lounge) John is addressing the issue of worldviews. Next Wednesday I will be speaking on presuppositional apologetics. If you’re interested, check them out!

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  1. Ken Davis

    Good for both of you! Too bad we didn’t know yesterday. We could have had it announced in church for prayer. But even if we didn’t get to pray for John, we can pray for you. Oh well. John survived a year with Thistletown. That should equip him for whatever he encounters on Wednesday.

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