Toronto Workshop on Biblical Exposition

Richview Baptist Church, pastored by Darryl Dash, is hosting the Toronto Workshop on Biblical Exposition put on by The Simeon Trust. The speakers are David Short and David Helm, both North American Anglicans. The dates for the conference are March 25-27, 2009. It costs $99 to register.
If you are at all familiar with The Simeon Trust, R. Kent Hughes, St. Helen’s Bishopsgate or anything like that you will want to go to this conference. The theme is on preaching the Gospel of Luke. For more info go here.


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2 responses to “Toronto Workshop on Biblical Exposition

  1. Anonymous

    For what it is worth, David Helm is actually ordained in the Presbyterian Church of America and pastors a church that is unaffiliated with any denominations.

    As far as I know, he’s never pastored an Anglican church.

  2. Nick Hill

    This workshop will be great! David Short is a world class expositor. He is one of the most bold, passionate, faithful, and intelligent preachers I have ever heard. Don’t miss out and sign up today!

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