Tim Kerr – "Pastor, Love Your Wife"

This lecture, given by Pastor Tim Kerr, was very convicting. Delivered at the Toronto Pastor’s Fellowship yesterday, Pastor Kerr “took us men out to the woodshed” to paraphrase Dale Nevelizer’s comment afterwards. Check out the audio and the PDF of the talk, and don’t miss the Q&A, it was awesome. It was heavy because the pastor’s brought their wives to the talk!
Tim Kerr is pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Toronto which is a member church of Sovereign Grace Ministries.


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6 responses to “Tim Kerr – "Pastor, Love Your Wife"

  1. Steve

    You might enjoy the following blogs about SGM:



    Hope this helps. They have had recent discussions about how wives are treated in SGM churches or at least members’ experiences.

  2. Ian

    Enjoy? Why would I enjoy division and anger amongst God’s people?

  3. Steve

    Good point. “Enjoy” is not the right word. “Informative” might be a better word for this.

  4. Ian

    No. More like sad.

  5. Just Wondering

    what in the world are people scared of by reading the experiences of others? I thought God was sovereign after all – if He is, then no worries about reading someone’s blog or website or thoughts..that is, unless your pastor has told you not to.

    If you think you can’t USE your mind freely, then you don’t OWN your mind, your church does. And if you don’t own your mind, you are in bondage to someone else who does…and THAT should scare you.

  6. I have no idea what you are talking about.

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