Petition: No to Coalition

If you’re against this idiotic coalition between the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc, then sign this petition and email the Governor General!



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3 responses to “Petition: No to Coalition

  1. Colin Giesbrecht

    Im not against this coalition any more than the bills already passed by the conservatives relying on Bloc votes. I hope the conservatives learn a lesson from this mess.

  2. Anonymous

    it’s actually only a coalition between the liberals and the ndp. the bloc only stated they will support the coalition of the two in 3 votes of confidence. the bloc will then vote how they feel in any other votes not pertaining to the 3 confidence votes.

    this is democracy. if only the conservatives had the option to do this in the years before. lowest voter turnout in the history of canada is not how canadians feel.

  3. Beebe

    This is Not Democracy. If this was the other way around then we would not hear the end of it. The whining of the Liberal party would be so loud that 1500 km in the north, caribou calves would slip from there mothers gelatinous yolk prematurely.How could it be that a Person that would not give up his citizenship from France could run our country. His own party doesn’t want him, and now he is making deals with satan himself, (bloc) What Moron would vote to separate Canada? Oh yeah… I guess a Liberal.

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