Old Apostates

I doubt they’d care that I call them apostates. They wouldn’t deny it. They once professed faith, now they’ve abandoned that faith en toto. That sounds like an apostate to me.

My two best friends from highschool, Tim McCready and Nick Bechard, recently did an interview at Aux.tv discussing the recent Bill Maher movie Religulous. The discussion has more to do with their own religious history/beliefs than any sort’ve movie review, but the movie does get some mention.

It was interesting reading the interview because all throughout Nick’s religious experience, I was his close friend. As I was reading, various memories popped into mind. Strange how memory works eh?

It was Tim who shared the gospel with me (and Nick, though a week later) and I was converted. For the first few years of my Christian life, Tim was the guy I looked up to. His dad was my pastor, we played on the worship team together, we hung out all the time, etc. In fact, most of my cultural tastes are a result of my friendship with Tim. The movies I like, the music I listen to, the style I prefer, the books I read, all probably have some foundation in the days when we hung out. He didn’t really teach me the faith in a quantifiable way, that all came later, but I do look back fondly at those early days.

I’ve been glad in the last year or so to reconnect with him. In spite of all the water under the bridge, I still feel like we’re friends. I may never see the guy again, but I’ll probably feel the same way when I’m 80. In fact, I went for breakfast with he and his girlfriend Adrienne a few weeks ago, it was great.

I can’t help but think that if Tim had known what I know about Christianity, and not what he was raised to believe, things might be a bit different. He thanks (Whoever) for not being a part of the Christianity of his past. I must say, that I thank God for not being a part of it either. Those are days we both look back to and don’t have any visions of them being our future.

Tim reads this blog periodically, and I doubt he’d care me saying these things. But the last part of the interchange saddens me slightly:

Tim: We both turned 30 this year. Is it just me, or are almost none of the
people that we met through church in the 90’s still into Christianity?

Nick: It’s true, a lot of the people I’ve known through my days of being a
Christian are now either Agnostic like myself or Atheists, but I still know some
strong believers. Some are still awesome people living their life, but some are
just bat shit crazy. I guess it’s the same with anyone you grow up with. Either
they stay cool or they go bat shit crazy.

I can only think of two people that I used to hang out with that are still Christians. Out of a group of over twenty. Thank God that he persevered in my life – who knows where I’d be?


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4 responses to “Old Apostates

  1. Anonymous

    If this is Nick Bechard, I have serious suspicions that he was ever a Christian!

  2. Ian

    I guess it depends on what sense you mean “Christian.” By convention or definition?

  3. KSA

    Hey Ian,
    Just found you blog… and I wanted to say how thankful I am to still be holding on to those truths that we were taught back in high school.

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