Tomorrow Vicky and I are flying to New York City to spend the night with our good friends Justin and Elisha. On Wednesday morning we drive to Providence, RI to attend the annual meeting for the Evangelical Theological Society. We’re really excited because another good friend, Clint Humfrey, is giving a paper called “The Apostle of Calloused Hands: Paul’s Vocational Spirituality Reconsidered.” It’s going to be great to hear his paper and to see him and his wife Christel. What’s also especially great is that we get to see their baby boy Hunter and Justin and Elisha’s baby boy Jake (whom we’ve yet to meet). This will be a great reunion of old friends.

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  1. Anonymous

    “She came from Providence … the one in Rhode Island …”

    Great song by the Eagles. Essential album for road trips!

    Drive safely.

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