The Daily Scroll

There are some blogs that I check every once in a while to see what’s going on and there are others (like Justin Taylor‘s) that I check more than once a day. A new blog that just popped into the blogosphere is The Daily Scroll, that is fast becoming a “more than once a day” check.
The proprietor of the blog is Chris Ross, a PhD student (?) at Edinburgh whose focus is in church history. You may be familiar with some of his contributions to The Conventicle.
Anyways, make this a regular stop in your frenzy of gathering information. It’ll be well worth your while.


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2 responses to “The Daily Scroll

  1. Chris

    Thank you for the mention, Ian! For the record, I am still a PhD student, but I will be sitting for my dissertation defense next month, Lord willing. I appreciate your prayers!



  2. Ian

    I’ll be sure to pray brother!
    Are you going to ETS next week?

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