Lady Jane Grey and Your Heart

Paul Martin gave an amazing lecture on Sunday night in memory of the Reformation whose kick-off we celebrated this past October 31st. Every year around Reformation Day, Paul does a biographical sketch of one of our Reformed heroes. This year it was Lady Jane.

Going in to the lecture I wondered how I would receive it. I first heard of Lady Jane in a lecture given by Dr. Haykin. That was a long time ago and since then I’ve read Paul Zahl’s brief account of her life as well as Faith Cook’s fantastic biography. I’ve also watched the fairly accurate Hollywood movie (starring Helena Bonham Carter) a number of times. What would I learn?
The first thing I’ll say is that Paul is very good at telling a story – this was evident in his handling of the various background details of the English Reformation. He also is very good at applying biblical principles from church history to the heart – the lecture was affective in the truest sense of the word (I was moved to tears).

So download the audio of his lecture and the PDF to read along. You will be encouraged by her testimony unto death and will hopefully become even more steadfast in your faith.

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