Market and the Environment

Two side interests of mine over the past number of years have been economics and environmental issues. In my mind, both fall under the rubrick of Genesis 1:26 and the command to humans to have stewardship over the earth. What’s sad is that often economics, especially the free market variety, and the environment fail to cohere in an amicable way. That’s why I have been excited to read about “free market environmentalism.” This may sould like a contradiction in terms, but I think that if you were to delve deeper into the subject you’ll see that the two fit together quite snugly.
Check out libertarian writer Walter Block’s “Environmentalism and Economic Freedom” hosted at the Mises Institute’s website. It gives you a taste.
Another good resource is the University of Guelph’s Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics group, in particular the writings by Glenn Fox – a self-styled “free market environmentalist.”
See also this interview with Ron Paul who ran for the Republicans in their primary last year:


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3 responses to “Market and the Environment

  1. Brandon

    There’s a good interview with Block about environmentalism on YouTube

  2. BeachLover

    I agree with Ron Paul to some extent, but I also believe that a total free market approach to environmentalism is doomed to fail (witness the effect of de-regulation on the banking industry). Some government structuring and legislation is necessary to protect the environment.

  3. Brandon

    The banking industry is not and was not free

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