Wilson vs. Hitchens on Video

You have to love our technological age. Back in the day when Fr. Coplestone debated Bertrand Russell on the BBC, the only people who got to see it had to be in attendance. In our day, with the advancements of media, we can witness a like event. Famed atheist Christopher Hitchens and pastor/satirist Doug Wilson have debated in a number of venues this past week. And we can already see footage of what is sure to be an awesome documentary (it’s done by Darren Doane, who did a lot of punk/hardcore videos that I used to love) of the whole thing.
Check it out:

Hitchens/Wilson sneak peak from LEVEL4 on Vimeo.

PatrolTV: Christopher Hitchens & Douglas Wilson from Patrol Magazine on Vimeo.


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One response to “Wilson vs. Hitchens on Video

  1. Mark

    Neat! I was at my bros church tonight and the sermon was on apologetics, and what Doug is doing here was mentioned as a good example of that.

    One of my friends who has read God Is Not Great has looked at the reviews for Is Christianity Good For The World? and said it looks good! Hopefully he reads it!

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