Lecture – Why Study Church History?

On Sunday afternoon I had the great delight in giving a lecture to the people of Grace Baptist Church of Essex on the need to study church history. I felt somewhat feeble doing this considering that this church was helped along in its early days by none other than Arnold Dallimore. I comment early on that I was conscious of Dr. Dallimore’s shadow looming over me as I spoke and that it was my desire to honour his own beliefs on the necessity of church history.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself (in spite of the sleep enhancing heat and the food in our stomach’s!), and hope that it was at least of some benefit to the people there. Grace has a fantastic library that is full of good church history, so I hope that it will be taken advantage of!
Reasons why people don’t like church history: boring; fear.
Five Reasons to Study It
Identity; Christianity an Historical Religion; Warns against past errors; Gives understanding of doctrinal development; Inspiration.
Example: Patristics
The story of Perpetua and Felicitas.


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2 responses to “Lecture – Why Study Church History?

  1. Mark

    Enjoyed it a lot Ian! Good job! You made a strong case for the study of church history.

    My only complaint is that it wasn’t exhaustive. I mean, you left us knowing nothing about 7th century Pneumatology or 12th century angelology. And you only mentioned Schaff in passing, you didn’t even give a review on each of his volumes!!!!

    Next time I expect at least a survey that covers A-ugustine to Z-wingli.

  2. Ian

    If I could speak like the Mirco Machines guy then I think I could do it.
    Thanks for recording the lecture! I didn’t realise it would make it online. Sweetness!

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