"How Disgusting."

My friend “AF” aka croccroccroc has some mundanely hilarious videos on YouTube. The setting: his landlord’s house. I won’t say who the landlord is, but if you’re Canadian, you’ll likely know him.
Why his commentary on the rats rotting corpse is so funny I know not, I only know that it’s funny.


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3 responses to “"How Disgusting."

  1. Rogers Meredith

    Ahhhh…….too funny!

  2. Mel(ody) Grewal

    Imagine if you actually knew “AF”….he’s pretty much this funny in real life on a whole wide variety of topics.

  3. Ian

    His humour is subtle and it doesn’t always come out. I have to say, I was somewhat shocked by how funny his YouTube videos are. The one where he goes into the basement to see the defrosting freezer is hilarious. Especially his comment on the melting chocolate ice cream bar!

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