Waldron and Barcellos Blogging

I didn’t realise that Sam Waldron and Richard Barcellos are blogging! Both are well known leaders amongst American Reformed Baptists. Waldron’s A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith was at my side as I took my Sunday School through the 1689. I am pleased indeed to see they’re on the web. Check them out at Illumination.


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2 responses to “Waldron and Barcellos Blogging

  1. Jeremy W. Johnston

    Thanks for the tip about Sam Waldron blogging. I am a big fan of his exposition of the 1689 Confession and I have heard him preach on occasion when he was an elder at the Reformed Baptist Church in Grand Rapids.


  2. Ian

    On my honeymoon (!) I listened to almost his whole tape series on the Sabbath – it’s probably the best stuff out there on the topic from a Sabbatarian perspective. I don’t know how much my new wife liked it however! But, we just celebrated four years of marriage, so she couldn’t have been too upset! ;)

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