The Albert Mohler Radio Program – Highlights

Southern Seminary’s president, Albert Mohler, has a radio program that discusses the latest news, cultural happenings and theological issues. Because the program doesn’t air in Toronto, I have to listen to it online – as a result my Mohler intake is a bit sporadic. I’ve listened to a number of shows that caught my eye recently and I thought I would higlight them with some shared thoughts:
Making Sense of Emergent Christianity – Russell Moore interviews Kevin De Young and Ted Kluck, authors of Why We’re Not Emergent. Actually, I haven’t listened to this yet (downloading it right now), but I’m expecting it to be good. I recently finished their book and thought that it was a very good analysis of the emergent church movement.
The Pro-Life Cause: Working for Reduction or Elimination? – Russell Moore interviews Tony Campolo and Robert George over the issue of reducing abortions vs. eliminating abortions. Campolo is a well-known leader of the Christian left, and George is an ethics professor at Princeton University. George articulated his position against merely reducing abortions clearly and with solid statistical facts and made Campolo look like an amateur who had no idea what he was talking about. Moore was the highlight though when he irked Campolo with a comparison between abortion and lynching in the South.
African-American Men and the Local Church – Al Mohler interviews Eric Redmond, an African-American pastor and leader. Redmond has a new book out entitled Where Are All The Brothers? that discusses the reasons why African-American churches are losing men in droves. He offers some good advice on how to get African-American men back into the church. Redmond, Thabiti Anyabwile, Anthony Carter and a number of other African-American theologians/pastors are leading the African-American church through a virtual renaissance. Ad fontes was the watch-cry of the sixteenth-century, and it is the watch-cry of these men today. The sources to return to are not only Scripture and church history, but the early days of the African-American church that was led by men like Lemuel Haynes and Jupiter Hammon. I am very excited to see the work that is going on for reformation in the African-American church.
Should We Be Patriots In The Pew? – Russell Moore interviews Stanley Hauerwas and Mark Dever who discuss the question of whether or not churches should be patriotic during the Independence Day weekend. I was somewhat surprised to hear Hauerwas and Dever in essential agreement – though Dever was much more balanced, nuanced and gospel-oriented. I’m not a huge fan of Hauerwas’ teaching, but I was surprised at how dogmatic and extreme his choice of language was. Although I take to heart what Dever advised, I was more sympathetic to Moore’s thoughts at the end of the program. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue in Canada and it likely won’t be a question that I’ll really have to wrestle through.
There are many more links I could post – I hope what I have thus said encourages you to want to listen to the radio program. The issues discussed are relevant to our society and church. Mohler (and Moore) do an excellent job at highlighting areas of concern with balance – though sometimes Moore can get a little angry – and with theological precision. I’m thankful that they archive past shows, they are a very useful resource for thinking through the issues that face us.

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