Preaching at Grace

Here are links to the audio of two sermons that I preached yesterday at Grace Baptist Church of Essex. On the Trinity; A New Heaven and a New Earth.



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3 responses to “Preaching at Grace

  1. Mark

    Honestly Ian, you did very well. You clearly have a gift at teaching! It was a great progression of Background – Theology. Way beyond your years. And a good public speaker. Not meaning to puff you up here, but just to encourage you! My mom listened it it (Just the morning sermon so far) and she thought so too! She loved it!!

  2. Mark

    Err.. that Should Read Background, Theology, Application

  3. Ian

    Thanks Mark. Honestly, I need good critiques and opinions – I’m only just getting my feet wet preaching! Words like that coming from you mean a lot – I trust your opinions.

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