The Crimea

We just got back from Wales and England last Friday. We were gone for two weeks and had a relatively excellent time. One of the highlights was getting to meet and spend time with Vicky’s uncle Anton and auntie Agnes. Anton, who has a PhD in pharmaceuticals from Edinburgh and worked at Cambridge, is a real music afficionado. I was amazed to hear that he had seen The Clash in a pub long before they were popular. He was also into bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Nick Cave. Having retired early, they’re moving back to auntie Agnes’ hometown of Stornoway, where Anton will spend his time fishing in the Moors!
I am now profoundly indebted to him and his musical tastes. He turned me on to what is becoming one of my favourite bands – The Crimea. Their new album, “Secrets of the Witching Hour” is absolutely fantastic. I cannot stop listening to it. In particular, I love the songs “Loop A Loop,” “All Conquering” and what appears to be the single “The 48A Waiting Steps.” I was delighted/saddened to see that it’s online for free download at their website. Delighted because they need as much exposure as possible – they’re worth it. Saddened because I bought the CD in Newport, Wales and I now see that I could have picked it up at no cost! Ah well.
I detect a great mix of influences to their album that honestly do make them quite unique. I can hear The Clash, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak and Coldplay. The songs are all incredibly catchy and easily get stuck in your head. I don’t think that there is one single song on the album that I don’t care for.
So, if you’re into thoughtful and talented indie music, check out their site and download the album! You’ll be cooler than all your friends because it doesn’t come out in North America for another month. :)
So check out the official Crimea site and the The Crimea Underground for a lot of good stuff. For all the luddites, here’s the link to the free album.


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