Goodwin and Formula One

It was good to have lunch with Thomas Goodwin yesterday. No, not the 17th century Puritan, but Mark Jones, the guy who runs a blog named after said Puritan. Mark is in the midst of writing a PhD thesis on Goodwin for the University of Leiden. Dr. Haykin is one of Mark’s supervisors and they met yesterday at TBS to go over what Mark has done so far.
Mark is also pastor of Faith Vancouver, a PCA church on the west-coast. We had a good time yesterday, it was good to finally get together. A memorable moment came when we were discussing pastoral ministry sitting in P.J. O’Brien’s. He said something to the effect: “Academics is great, but pastoral ministry is Formula One.” Great quote.


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3 responses to “Goodwin and Formula One

  1. Anonymous

    I quite enjoyed those beers! The meal was good, too. I’ve never been quoted before :) Anyway, we’ll do it again next time I’m out there to visit Dr. H.


  2. Ian

    For sure man, it’d be great to get together – even if you are a Presbyterian. ;)
    How was the trip home?

  3. Anonymous

    The trip was long – Canada is too big. But it was good to be going back to Presbyterians … (remember, I’m a closet Congregationalist)

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