Anne Rice and N.T. Wright on Writing

Anne Rice is well known for her vampiric novels, the most popular of course being Interview With A Vampire, which was also made into a movie. In recent years, Rice has been converted to Christianity. A large part of her conversion had to do with reading the scholarly works by theologians like D.A. Carson, Leon Morris, Richard Bauckham and N.T. Wright. In fact, Rice credits Wright’s books on Jesus as being key in her change of thinking.
A couple of years back Rice and Wright shared a stage and discussed matters of faith and culture, in particular, writing. I listened to the discussion some time ago, and while there was much I didn’t necessarily agree with, it was intriguing to hear both of their thoughts on a range of subjects. Check it out here. The direct link is here.


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2 responses to “Anne Rice and N.T. Wright on Writing

  1. Mark

    Did you know that The White Horse Inn had an interview with Anne Rice?

  2. Ian

    Yeah, I listened to it a while ago, but the link is no longer available so I didn’t bother mentioning it.

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