City and Colour

I’ve been a fan of Alexisonfire for a while and have most of their albums. Because City and Colour is a side project of Dallas Green, one of the singers for Alexisonfire, I thought I would really get into it. Yet for some reason, the album Sometimes never tickled my fancy. That is, until recently, and now I can’t stop listening to it.

Here is the rationale for why I think that I didn’t initially like City and Colour: he reminded me too much of Dashboard Confessional. I’ve never liked Dashboard Confessional.
To add to this, here’s the rationale for why City and Colour now does it for me: I like Alexisonfire. I never liked Further Seems Forever (the band Chris Carabba was in before Dashboard). Subconsciously I had a mental block against City and Colour but thankfully it was broken because of my love for Alexisonfire.
Now, if you know your music history, you’ll know that Further Seems Forever was preceded by one of the most amazing hardcore bands in the world – Strongarm. This would appear to throw a monkey-wrench into my whole theory, because I absolutely loved Strongarm. So, what I’ve determined that this boils down to is – I can’t stand Chris Carabba’s voice, but I like Dallas Green’s. After all that theorising, it’s pretty simple. Ah well, it’s a process I guess.


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3 responses to “City and Colour

  1. NBM

    Further Seems Forever is one of my absolute favourite bands…without Chris Carraba. Their lyrics and general power of message and conviction after they left behind Carraba’s teen angst.

  2. Ian

    That’s right, I forgot you were into them. I saw FSF without Carabba at a festival in KY years ago. Incidentally, Dashboard was at the same festival. I still didn’t like FSF.

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