Markets and Miracles

At the Evangelical Outpost there is an interesting article called Markets and Miracles that discusses the roll of God in relation to market control. Here’s a key quote:

Progressives, fearing that no one is in control and that powerful will take
advantage of the weak, believe the state must step in to prevent inequitable and
unjust outcomes. Conservatives (as we would define them today), by contrast, put
their faith in the system itself and believe that left unhindered by the state,
is sufficient to lead to the best possible end result. Libertarians, who view
markets as morally neutral, contend that the individual, when allowed total
liberty, will usher in the ideal end state. While all of these positions have
some merit, they all ultimately fail when they leave out the most significant
reason for putting our trust in the markets: because all control ultimately
belongs to God.


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One response to “Markets and Miracles

  1. Mark

    I haven’t read that article yet (only skimmed it), but I’m sort of skeptical of the logic employed in this last line.

    Couldn’t God being in control of all things equally justify government intervention? God controls all things, but doesn’t he control government actions as much as controls the market? Therefore it would seem that God’s control doesn’t really explain whether to trust the markets or interventionism.

    And what about the ends/means. If God controls the market’s end (results), couldn’t he also control the means which may be employed (perhaps government intervention), as a statist might argue.

    I’m against interventionism, but I just suspect that God’s control in and of itself neither provides the missing link that the author implies nor does the control of God imply the failure libertarianism.

    I don’t even think that his characterization of libertarians as seeing the market or individuals as morally neutral is necessarily accurate. I’d rather say that libertarians believe that any moral problems or issues arising from the individual or the market forces are equally (if not more) to government actions. If individuals be fallen, how much more is a government of individuals fallen!

    Anyways.. Just a few thoughts. I certainly will read through this whole article soon.

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