Haykin Soul Patch?

I laughed hysterically when Carl Trueman offered his insights into the un-trendy-trying-to-be-trendy soul-patch adorned by so many “cool” church leaders. Apparently somebody responded to Dr. Trueman by citing our own Michael Haykin as a one who dons the patch. I, like Trueman, must come to Dr. Haykin’s defense (or is that defence?).

Dr. Haykin is anything but the cheeseball, soul-patched pastor with the spikey hair (I say that having spikey hair) and baggy pants, telling his congregation to tell the person in the pew next to them that “Jesus is Lord” ten times in a sermon while reading Foucault. I’m at least thankful that Dr. Haykin was characterised with the Puritan-era facial hair, more akin to his theology and worldview. But let us not be confused: Dr. Haykin does not equal Doug Pagitt!

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