Don Carson – Spiritual Life Conference

Just a reminder for those who can make it: GO TO THE TORONTO SPIRITUAL LIFE CONFERENCE THIS YEAR!!! D. A. Carson is the keynote speaker – well worth the price of the ticket (free).
Also, Carson will be speaking at the January Sovereign Grace Pastor’s Fellowship (aka. FRPS) on the Monday at 10am. The pastors meet at Thistletown Baptist Church on Kipling, near Albion.
On Tuesday he will be speaking at Tyndale College for their chapel service (don’t know the details).
On Wednesday he will be at Toronto Baptist Seminary speaking in our chapel at 11:15am. We’re at Jarvis and Gerrard in downtown Toronto.
So next week is definitely a Carson week. Make it worthwhile!


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7 responses to “Don Carson – Spiritual Life Conference

  1. Ruth

    That sounds really cool…wish I could go!

  2. stauf46

    Sigh. I wish I could go too. TO is a long way away. Dr. Carson (and others) are coming to B.C. in April, so I’l just have to wait.

  3. Ian

    Ruth: We wish you could go too!
    Terry: I heard about that conference, it’s at a Mennonite church right? How intriguingly strange!

  4. Ronnie Jawdi

    I’ll be there for the Sunday Evening Service, other than that I can’t make it out for the rest; I wish I could though. You know if they’re going to be a book table there.

  5. stauf46

    Yes, Ian – ReFocus is at Willingdon MB Church. Through a conviciton re. expository preaching, the pastor (John Neufeld) has come to more Reformed convictions.

    Last year, I met people there from a variety of denominations and associations, from Anglican to Mennonite. They were mostly there to hear John Piper! There is an upside to our confused times, methinks!

  6. Ian

    Ronnie, I’m not sure about the books – I hope so!
    Terry, how cool.

  7. Anonymous

    He will be at Tyndale College on Tuesday for an 11:45 chapel

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