Crux Staff Profile

Cool, the staff pics and profiles are up at the Crux Books blog (I work at Crux). Click the link above and scroll down to read about yours truly.

Nice pic eh?


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4 responses to “Crux Staff Profile

  1. Mark

    Nice pic. I notice you (or someone else) put a gap in the top row of books there.

    Its also pretty cool that they let you have a staff pick. For me, I think it may be a toss up between Ryken or von Bingen or Linzey :) Just kidding..

    Hey.. I saw some mention of liberation theology in one of those profiles. Overall, I’m sort of ignorant about it, though I because I’m fairly familiar with Latin American history and some other related topics, I think I understand some of the basics of liberation theology. Seems like it is somewhat similar to social gospel movements with a more overt radical/socialist edge to it. A sort of syncretism, except not with indigenous tribal religions, but instead indigenous political movements.

    I have a book called “Fidel and Religion”. The subtitle is “Fidel Castro in Conversation With Frei Betto on Marxism and Liberation Theology”. Haven’t dug into it yet, but I’m curious.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey bro, don’t they have gyms in Toronto? Your arms are looking a little small. Maybe you need to start reading some large Edwards books instead of those small, lightweight Joel Osteen books?


  3. Anonymous

    Ian what’s that thing below your nose? CG

  4. Ian

    I hope you mean the facial hair!

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