Peter Gentry on the Lord’s Supper

It’s not often that readers get a taste of Peter Gentry’s writings. He is a biblical scholar of the highest order, working in a very specialised field of Septuagint studies. I had the opportunity to spend time with Brian Vickers, a colleague of Gentry at Southern Seminary, who said that Gentry is one of the greatest scholars he knows. And Brian works with other geniuses like Tom Schreiner, Bruce Ware, Michael Haykin and Robert Stein! So I guess when Peter Gentry writes something, it is well worth reading.
Dr. Gentry will be teaching a week-long intensive on Isaiah this coming January at TBS. If you can take this course, do it!!!
So, to say the least, I was happy to see this article on the Lord’s Supper by Gentry online. Especially so because I am coming up to the Lord’s Supper in my teaching through the 1689 Confession of Faith in Sunday school. So go and read The Lord’s Supper.

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