John Mayer

Man alive. We picked up the recent album by John Mayer, Continuum, on the weekend and I’m thoroughly impressed with it. If you like smoothe, atmospheric and thoughtful blues, I highly recommend it. Though it’s often subtle, Mayer’s guitar playing is outstanding. I really think he’s a modern day Eric Clapton. Vicky and I particularly like the song Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (YouTube). I also really like Gravity (YouTube), if you watch the video, stay with it until around the half-way mark and check out his skills – amazing.
I’ve been watching a lot of his live performance on YouTube. He tends to elaborate more in terms of his guitar work when he’s playing live. It’s as if his guitar is an appendage, it looks like it’s part of his body. Check out this video of he and Clapton doing Crossroads (YouTube) – genius!


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4 responses to “John Mayer

  1. Becky

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him. He’s my absolute favorite for all the reasons you mentioned.

    If you can see him play live, do it. You won’t regret it.

  2. Brian

    I was listening to “Gravity” on my iPod while hiking a 3 mile uphill path… ironic. Can’t listen to the song anymore without breaking out in a sweat.

  3. Ian

    It’s a great song eh? So smoothe.
    I saw a YouTube video of Mayer arguing with his friend over Ron Paul. Maybe Mayer’s a libertarian?

  4. Francis

    Hey Ian, stumbled upon your blog here… good stuff.
    Becoming a Mayer fan I see!
    That album is one of my faves too. I like ‘Stop This Train’ and tried learning it for guitar… but man, Mayer’s playing is just too good :/

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