To Baldly Go

Just when you thought you were cool; just when your ministry really hit it with the kids; just when your soul-patch and long-hair made you different than the stodgy old pastor up the road — Carl Trueman hits you with this. Read and beware! You just might realise that you’re not as cool as you thought and that you’re ministry isn’t as hip and that you’re just as irrelevant as you think the pastor up the road is.

Here’s the zinger:

Go around looking like a pony-tailed and soul-patched metrosexual if you
must, but bear in mind that you achieve the double whammy of making yourself a
laughing stock to your peers and an embarrassment to your children.


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One response to “To Baldly Go

  1. Mark

    Oooh.. Thats Doug Pagitt.

    John MacArthur once debated him on some TV show on Yoga.

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