D A Carson – Spiritual Life Conference

Although the website is not yet updated, the Greater Toronto Spiritual Life Conference will be having Don Carson as their guest lecturer. It will be held at The People’s Church on January 27-28, 2008. I’m not sure the cost, as the flyer I saw didn’t record one (I’m hoping it’s free!). I don’t know what the topic is either. But if it’s Carson, it should be good!!!


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5 responses to “D A Carson – Spiritual Life Conference

  1. Rileysowner

    While I would enjoy being able to hear from Dr. Carson, since this runs on a Sunday to a Monday, I would not be able to attend. :(

  2. Ian

    Hmmmm…I may have got the wrong date. I’ll check later and update.

  3. Rileysowner

    Now if it was a Monday Tuesday that would be ideal for me as a pastor, as it would still allow most of the week for the writing of two sermons and doing my various pastoral visits. I look forward to finding out if the dates are correct.

  4. Ken Davis

    Sorry about any confusion about the dates for thie convention. It runs from Sunday, January 27 to Wednesday January 30, inclusive. He is going to focus on the biblical Gospel and is, I think, zeroing in on I Corinthians 15:1-11.
    Sorry about the website not being changed yet.

    Ken Davis – Chairman, Toronto Spiritual Life Convention

  5. Nick Hill

    How do I register for this conference? What is the website? Could you email it to me:


    Thanks so much,


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