Anselm on the Atonement

There is a very good article on St. Anselm’s view of the atonement at the “Christ In All of Scripture/Theology of G.C. Berkouwer” blog. He evaluates the so-called “satisfaction theory” of the atonement of Anselm and offers some insightful criticisms. Although Anselm wrote in “commercial language” about the atonement, he has a personal view of God that seems to indicate that Anselm went further than merely a commercial atonement. The author (thus far, he seems anonymous) points to a disconnect in Anselm’s understanding in the person of Christ. He insisted that Christ was a man in life, but suffered as the God-man in death. Putting it this way, says the author, indicated a failure to exposit the unity of Christ’s person.


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4 responses to “Anselm on the Atonement

  1. Charles Cameron

    Thanks, Ian, for drawing attention to my article on Anselm. A few months ago, I was looking over old essays which I wrote in the Honours Year of my BD (Systematic Theology), 1976-77 and thought I would put some online. I posted this article and one on Athanasius (check out my blog and click on Athanasius in the list of topics). I have plenty of other material on the atonement (and some other subjects) but didn’t get any further with the idea of posting any more of these old essays (there is quite a bit of revision required!). I may get back to posting some more thoughts on the atonement! Again, thanks for recommending the article as “very good”! I appreciate your recommendation.

  2. About this article on Anselm – I’ve closed down the blog. The article has gone. Here’s a link to another post on the atonement. This time, it’s on ,a href=””>McLeod Campbell. It was written ain the same year as the Anselm paper. I hope this is of some interest to you.

  3. Sorry, I forgot to add the last bit of code to the link. Should be right this time – McLeod Campbell

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