Justin Taylor linked to an interesting article on swearing by none other than Dan Wallace, the author of “fat Wallace” aka. Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, aka, my New Testament exegesis textbook. The article by Wallace is called “Pauline Scatology” a play on Vos’ The Pauline Eschatology. Wallace’s thesis is that Paul swore (yes, that kind of swearing) when it came to disclaiming false-teachers.
This reminds me of a similar article by Peter Leithart called “On Vulgar Language” which makes the same point.
I personally don’t have a problem with swearing. I can’t stand the senseless swearing of today where every other word is the f-word. But when I’m around other guys and they swear (even if they’re Christians) I don’t really bat an eye. Of course, if it becomes gratuitous, I might have to tell them to chill out. I like Wallace’s piece because it connects swearing to Paul’s expression of emotion regarding false-gospels. He hates them that much.

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