Michael Iafrate and the Priesthood

Michael Iafrate & the Priesthood is one of many musical projects involving a friend and co-worker of mine. Though Michael and I disagree on a number of important issues – he’s a Roman Catholic, I’m Reformed; he’s anarcho-socialist, I’m libertarian, etc – I really like him and I think we get along quite well. We do have a lot of similar interests, music being one of them, which I’m thankful for. We also love books.

Anyways, I just downloaded a bunch of Michael’s music and thought I’d highlight it here. Michael has been in bands that have played with such acts as Zao (a favourite metal-core band of mine). But don’t limit his musical sensibilities to such brutal extremes. Michael is also a huge fan of bluegrass, as am I, and his more folky music reflects that. His lyrics are thoughtful and intelligent and he incorporates a lot of different styles. Michael and some other friends of mine will be playing at Leonard Hall, Wycliffe College at U of T this coming Tuesday. It’ll be in celebration of our new Crux wares to be released. If you get the chance, you have to check it out. Also check out Michael’s blog Catholic Anarchy.

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    white words against a light grey backgroud are almost impossible to read!!! change the colours of your blog for more legibility

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