Drinking and the Bible

My good friend Mark has a post expressing his thoughts on Christians and drinking. It was inspired by some recent comments made on my blog. What Mark wrote is very balanced, biblical and needed (thought I’d continue the alliteration eh?). Check out what Mark has to say!

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One response to “Drinking and the Bible

  1. BeachLover

    Thanks Ian. As always, your comments are well-considered and balanced on a difficult subject. Interesting post by Markianus on a hot button issue for many Christians.

    I also struggle with this issue. I work in a secular business environment in which I am certainly in the minority due to my abstention from alcohol. I would like to pose several real-life scenarios for which I would like to hear your thoughts:

    1) When I have non-Christian colleagues over to my house for dinner, should my wife and I serve wine and beer?

    2) When my colleagues at work all go out to a bar to celebrate an event, should I go along? If I go, should I drink alcohol along with everyone else or should I abstain?

    3) Should I financially support companies which produce alcoholic beverages by buying their product even when I know that they promote a lifestyle through the media which is inconsistent with my Christian beliefs?

    4) As the father of near-teenaged kids in my house (with college looming not too far away), should I model behavior that says that consuming some alcohol is OK as long as you don’t get drunk or should I promote a more extreme stance of no alcohol at all? If I take the former stance, then am I predisposing my children to making bad choices in the future?

    I am acutely attuned to the fact that I am countering the attitude within our society that all celebrations should include alcohol.

    Ian, I would take issue with your statement that the anti-alcohol position among Christians has only become popular since the rise of Christian fundamentalism. I would remind you that when T. T. Shields rebuilt the present Jarvis Street church building in the 1930s after a fire, he demanded that a spire be put on top of the church since he insisted that “at least one thing should point to heaven amidst all the beer parlors in Toronto.” His position and that of Jarvis Street and TBS was certainly not ambiguous.

    I guess my position on alcohol is in response to the times that we live in. I don’t know exactly how to deal with the wedding in Cana or David’s extolling the pleasures of wine in the Psalms. I do know, however, that as a professing Christian, my position on alcohol consumption has heavy implications to everyone around me.

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