Appropriating Catholics

I work at Crux Discount Theological Bookstore at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. Four of my co-workers (one of whom is my boss) are Roman Catholics to one degree or another. One is a left-wing Catholic anarchist; the second is a traditional, conservative Catholic; the third is quasi-Catholic; and the forth is a Protestant crypto-Catholic. All have varying perspectives on the Roman communion, what it should look like, be like and teach. I get a different perspective from each one I talk with. For those who would like to pretend that the Catholic Church is unified, think again.
The co-worker that I have the most common ground with is the traditional conservative. I get along with all four as they’re each really good guys, but ideologically the traditional guy and I see to eye to eye at least socially. We have had some pretty decent discussions on our differences as Catholic and Protestant. I think we are both very respectful of each other’s views, without compromising our own. All four guys make for very interesting work. I must say, however, that I am very thankful for my friend, and fellow TBS student Ronnie Jawdi with whom I not only share socio-political views, but we have a common kinship in Christ. Ronnie’s been a big encouragement to me.
In two recent issues of Reformation 21, Carl Trueman has done two editions of his Wages of Spin column on the similarities and differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants. Both have been very helpful for me in thinking through the areas I differ with my co-workers at Crux. I recommend them to you, whether you are Roman or Genevan as they are very balanced and thoughtful pieces.
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  1. Anonymous

    Ian, you had better hope that your prof. Kirk Wellum does not read your post. Wonder if it will impact your grades this year?
    As for TBS and Jarvis St. Baptist Church, I wonder how many of them reconcile being unloving, legalistic, supportive of women teaching Hebrew & hermenuetics (training futrue pastors), etc., yet one cannot have a glass of wine? Ian, you do not seem like a TBS man!

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