Pope’s RC Exclusivism

I wonder what the Pope’s recent statement about Roman Catholicism being the only true church will do to the ecumenical movement? Around here (U of T) it probably isn’t good news, at least for certain Anglicans. The Times says as much: “Anglican leaders reacted with dismay, accusing the Roman Catholic Church of paradoxical behaviour. They said that the new 16-page document outling the “defects” of non-Catholic churches constituted a major obstacle to ecumenism.”

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One response to “Pope’s RC Exclusivism

  1. According to http://deligentia.wordpress.com/2009/11/21/247/), the Catholic Church officials are not very happy about the way Rowan Williams contacted the Vatican when he heard the news. Still, I don’t think his reaction is what obstructed the ecumenical dialogue. …

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