Bethlehem Baptist on Homosexuality

A couple of good friends of mine have recently been having long discussions on homosexuality. My one friend John has been conversationally sharing the gospel in Toronto’s Gay Village for a number of months now and has had awesome opportunities to speak of Christ without any harshness either on his part or on the part of those listening. I’ve been doing some online reading about this issue and hope to post some links to good articles in the future.
I wanted to highlight Bethlehem Baptist Church’s position statement on homosexuality that I found quite good. It strikes the biblical balance of calling homosexuality a sin while maintaining a loving perspective to those of this orientation. Check it out here. It is both uncompromising and compassionate.

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  1. J.P.

    As a sane person, I don’t understand how Christians can be so vile. But there’s your comment to show me that some are.

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