Recent Days

This is just a quick update about recent days:

1) Our very best friends in the world moved away from Toronto a week ago today. It was terribly devestating, and admittedly, I was a wreck. What a horrible thing to have to live in Toronto without Justin and Elisha Galotti.
2) Thursday we went and saw The White Stripes at the Molson Ampitheatre. It was an outstanding concert – very entertaining and fun. They are brilliant performers. You definitely need to get into these guys and then see them live. Right Debbie???
3) Saw the move Sideways a couple of weeks ago. It was terrible. I don’t recommend it, unless you want to listen to a moron go on about his sexual exploits and see naked overweight people. Don’t let the potential for cool with their wine tasting tempt you. The movie could’ve been good, but it wasn’t.
4) My good friend John Bell has a killer sermon here. Check it out: Jesus in the Garden. We had a great time last night with John at Hemingways in Yorkville.
5) We spent Canada Day at our friend Melissa’s out in Cottam – bonfire and fireworks. It was great to reconnect with Codex Markianus (aka. Mark). I enjoy talking Cuba and communism with him.
6) It was great hanging out with Pastor Valade and Keith for coffee for four hours on Monday morning. These are two of the godliest men I know and it was privelege to talk turkey with them.


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One response to “Recent Days

  1. Mark

    Hey Ian,

    It was great to connect with you too. I’m rooting for you & Vicky to be connected with your Essex County roots some time in the near future. Back to the wild land of Garth Hudson and Skip Spence. Hopefully all the details will line up into place so it becomes a reality.

    The last few weeks at church have been great. The Lord’s days and the prayer meetings, etc. And I’m excited about having people over at my house too!

    #6 sounds great. I’d just take it one step further. I’d like to be the fourth party–perhaps a fly on the wall that listens to three great minds converse over coffee.

    Well.. Thats it for now. I’ve got too many things to say, I’ll have to cut it off here :)

    PS. I finished that Douglas Wilson book. It is great! Gotta love some of the section headings: “So you say its evoluuution. Well, you know..”

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